Top Chinese Advisor Admits China Close To Taking Taiwan

( In a recent interview, Victor Gao, the Vice President of the CCP-linked Center for China and Globalization, gave a stern warning to those who oppose a Chinese takeover of Taiwan, saying Beijing will pursue the policy by any means possible.

The interview with LBC host Matt Frei followed shortly on the heels of the announced trilateral alliance between the US, UK and Australia. Gao told Frei that unification of Taiwan and China “is a must” and “nothing in the world” could stand in the way of it. And while Beijing prefers this reunification with Taiwan be accomplished through “peaceful means,” Gao admitted that if that can’t happen, Beijing would use “whatever means possible.”

Gao explained that his words were a “stern warning” to those in Taiwan who oppose reunification.

With regard to the trilateral alliance, Gao said that measures such as these show that the US, UK and Australia are “preparing for war.” When Frei countered that it is China that is the aggressor in this situation, Gao dismissed the claim, saying that the Chinese military is purely for defensive purposes.

Frei then asked Gao if he could foresee any situation where China would have to resort to military means to take over Taiwan. Gao downplayed the notion, saying that reunification between Taiwan and China is “purely an internal affair of the Chinese people.” He insisted that this reunification is “the common will” of 1.4 billion people, including the majority of Taiwanese.

Bringing up the United States, Frei remarked that any US defense of Taiwan in the wake of a possible Chinese invasion could make this “one of the most dangerous moments in world history.”

But Gao scoffed at the idea. Telling Frei to “wake up,” Gao said that no American leader is going to want to shed American blood over the reunification of China.

Gao also objected to Frei’s use of the word “invasion,” telling him that he was “indulging in the very, very wrong description of a very important historical fact.” Gao explained that it wouldn’t be an “invasion.” Instead it is a “reunification of the motherland.”

Repeating his earlier point, Gao told Frei that reunification is “the destiny for the Chinese nation” and “no country in the world can stand in the way.”