Top Actor Viciously Attacks Trump Online

Billy Baldwin, known for his outspoken nature and role in Netflix’s Northern Rescue, has caused a stir online with a post criticizing Donald Trump’s infidelity and referencing Jeffrey Epstein. Responding to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., Baldwin took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his personal experience of witnessing Donald Trump cheating with Marla Maples. Maples would go on to be Trump’s second wife. Baldwin didn’t hold back, calling the former president a “disgusting pig.”

In the tweet that sparked the initial controversy, Donald Trump Jr. endorsed his father, claiming that none of the names on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs endorsed Donald Trump. He even went as far as suggesting that Trump’s stance against pedophiles and sex trafficking should be a reason to vote for him. Baldwin reposted this tweet and added his thoughts, resulting in over 15.3 million views at the time of writing.

Baldwin’s post drew mixed reactions from people online. Some praised him for speaking out, while others questioned the validity of his claims. One person even pointed out the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s outrage, urging Baldwin to address the issue of elite friends and politicians involved in sex trafficking.

The controversy surrounding Epstein continues to unfold, with Donald Trump’s name included in a recently released court document. The document contains emails from Sarah Ransome, who accused Epstein of sexual assault, describing incidents involving Epstein and others, including Donald Trump. However, Ransome retracted her claims, stating that she wanted to escape the situation.
It’s important to note that Trump has, of this writing, not been charged with any crimes related to Jeffry Epstein. Epstein’s death in 2019 was ruled a suicide by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office, although his lawyers have contested this ruling.

The viral nature of Baldwin’s post highlights the ongoing interest and speculation surrounding Donald Trump, his relationships, and his alleged connections to Epstein. As the controversy unfolds, how these revelations will impact the political landscape remains to be seen.