Top 9/11 Lawyer to Biden: Prevent Billions in Seized Afghan Funds from Reaching Taliban

( Michael Barasch, a world-renowned lawyer whose law firm represents more than 25,000 people directly connected to the September 11, 2001 tragedy, has warned President Joe Biden against allowing the ruling Taliban government of Afghanistan from accessing $7 billion in frozen reserves.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order earlier in February that seized $7 billion in Afghan central bank reserves held by the United States. Half of the money will be used to help humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan and the other half will be given to 9/11 victims.

The money was frozen by the United States when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, as the United States does not recognize the Islamist group as the legitimate government of the country.

Attorney Michael Barasch has warned the Biden administration about handing over the $3.5 billion to Afghanistan over concerns that the money could ultimately end up in the hands of the Taliban. He also suggested that the remaining $3.5 billion should be evenly divided among all victims of the 9/11 attacks.

Barasch also accused the mainstream media of misrepresenting the implications of seizing the funds.

“That is actually what is so outrageous about this reporting by the media,” he told conservative news outlet Breitbart News. “I think the media really jumped the gun on this by reporting that a decision had been made.”

He highlighted his concerns about the way the money will be distributed, given that the executive order does not outline any process of handing the money out to victims.

Barasch noted that the over 25,000 people in the 911 community are angry about the announcement as it only appears to make reference to 47 families who directly mention al-Qaeda in lawsuit complaints. He said that the money should be distributed to every single person impacted by the terror attack.

“Not only were there roughly 2,900 people who died on 9/11, but more people have now died of 9/11-related injuries to the toxins than the 2,900 people who died on 9/11,” he said.

This sounds like something President Joe Biden should be taking more seriously, but there has been no indication yet that the president is willing to meet with Barasch to discuss the matter.

Not only could billions of dollars end up in the hands of terrorists, but thousands of 9/11 victims may end up with…nothing.