Tim Scott Blasts Biden Admin’s Foreign Policy

GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott slammed President Joe Biden’s decision to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets, saying the president has “blood on his hands” after last week’s deadly terrorist attacks in Israel, Deseret reported.

In remarks at the Hudson Institute in Washington last Tuesday, the South Carolina senator condemned Hamas’ massacre of Israeli civilians on October 7, and called for the Iranian-backed terrorists to “feel the wrath of God.”

Scott said President Biden “has blood on his hands,” explaining that the president’s “weakness” and his decision to release the Iranian funds “invited” the Hamas attack.

The Biden administration has insisted that the $6 billion remains in the Qatari bank untouched and the White House maintains that there is no direct evidence that Iran was directly involved in last weekend’s massacre of Israelis.

However, the Washington Post reported last Monday that Iranian allies helped to plan Hamas’ surprise attack for more than a year. Iran’s involvement was later confirmed to BBC by a Hamas spokesman.

Senator Scott addressed the White House’s claims, calling them “naïve.” He noted that “money is fungible” and argued that by giving a state sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars, the Biden administration gave Iran “room in their budget” to fund Hamas.

Scott also blasted the Democrat members of the so-called “Squad,” including Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and Rashida Tlaib, suggesting that they should either “repudiate” those “cheering on deadly terrorism” or face expulsion from Congress.

The struggling 2024 GOP candidate also called out some of his competitors, hitting back at Vivek Ramaswamy for suggesting that the US should reduce its support for Israel and knocking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for referring to the war in Ukraine as a territorial dispute.

Scott said that when it comes to foreign policy, the last thing the GOP needs is “a Joe Biden wing of the Republican Party.”