TikTok Star Dies Of Cancer: “It’s Been A Great Ride…”

A prominent TikTok star, 18, has died after chronicling his fight against a rare type of cancer. He was on a quest to complete his bucket list.

Canadian Harrison Gilks, who was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a disease of the soft tissues, passed away peacefully on March 30 with his mother, father, and brother by his side.

In November 2020, physicians discovered a tumor in Harrison’s prostate and spots on his lungs, making the first cancer diagnosis. In February 2022, he was declared cancer-free after months of treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.

Sadly, by June of that year, his physicians had informed him that cancer had returned and was incurable.

He quickly began using TikTok to record his battle with cancer and had over 314,000 followers.

In a published video on June 29, 2022, he announced his cancer had returned.

He said he wanted to develop a web series that chronicles everything he always wanted to do, like skydiving.

The TikToker’s unwavering optimism and commitment to experiencing life to the fullest while knowing he was terminally ill attracted a large and loyal following.

His most recent uploads have him partying at a music festival, riding in a helicopter, chatting with his sports heroes, and traveling to exotic locales, including New York City, Mexico, and the Rocky Rockies.

Harrison updated his fans on his awful health situation on March 21, only one week before he passed away.

‘The cancer has spread to my liver, and one of my lungs filled with fluid,’ he stated in a video he posted from the hospital bed.

He asked that people say a prayer for himself and his loved ones. He said, “It’s been a great ride.”

David, his brother, confirmed Harrison’s death earlier this week by sharing a video from his account. He said after over two and a half years of fighting, Harrison finally said farewell, secure in the knowledge that he had done all in his power and was loved and strong.