This Kamala Harris Video Montage Is Spreading Like Wildfire

( With the White House inexplicably shoving Kamala Harris into the spotlight during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Fox News decided to whip together a brief montage of some of Kamala’s most embarrassing moments.

Watch HERE.

What’s amazing is that isn’t even all of Kamala’s embarrassing moments.

While Kamala’s lack of experience and penchant for word salad is nothing new, the fact that this administration has given Kamala such an outsized role in US diplomatic efforts in Europe makes her inexperience all the more concerning.

Last week, Fox’s Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration’s decision to deploy this vapid, inexperienced, insecure lightweight to Europe to lead up US diplomatic efforts during the Ukraine crisis.

Carlson said sending Kamala Harris to Europe gave the impression that the situation in Ukraine wasn’t nearly as serious as we were told. How could it be if Kamala was involved?

He played several clips of Kamala and wondered what America’s allies must have thought that this is the person Joe Biden sent to Munich to avert a war. He said because Biden decided to send Kamala to interrupt “an adult security conference” to talk like an idiot, the only conclusion you can come to is the Russia/Ukraine crisis must not be “as big a deal as it seems.”

Tucker mocked the Biden administration for making Kamala “the point person on Ukraine.”

He also played the clip from the Morning Hustle radio program where Kamala condescendingly described the crisis in Ukraine like she was explaining it, not to a black audience, but a bunch of toddlers.

Tucker said if Kamala is patronizing people like that, maybe she shouldn’t be in a position of leadership.

Watch Tucker’s segment HERE.