This Guide Will Let You Stop Facebook

( Did you know that Facebook is tracking your every move?

A new report from The Sun just revealed how the social media giant harvests data from its almost 3 billion users by creating a profile of what each individual searches and “likes.” Every time you click on something on Facebook, it forms part of the company’s data profile about you, helping them learn what you like and what kind of advertising you may respond to.

However, the report also explains two ways that you can permanently stop the social media company from tracking everything that you do.

The first is a bit extreme – especially for people who actually want to continue using the social network to communicate with friends and family. They suggest deleting your account outright.

If you’re willing to keep in touch with friends using a secure communication tool like Signal or Telegram, that might just work for you. But for those who don’t want to go that far, the next best way of ensuring Facebook isn’t tracking everything you do is to clear your browser history before turning off the tracking.

To turn off tracking, go to the Settings page, then click Privacy. Then choose Tracking, and make sure that the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” feature is switched off. To switch it off, make sure that the virtual switch is moved to the left, and it does not show any green.

Even then, however, you can’t be certain that Facebook isn’t tracking everything you do. It can still track anything you search on the platform, anything you interact with on their platform, and the pages you “like.”

So, maybe deleting your account is the best option after all…