This Fact-Check Says Voter Fraud Can’t Happen Because It’s Illegal

Last Wednesday, talk radio host Jesse Kelly post a tweet noting that if a state can’t count every vote on election night, “there’s cheating in your state.” He argued that entire countries can have the votes counted on election day, adding if a state can’t do that, it’s because it doesn’t want to.

Twitter slapped a “Misleading” warning label on Kelly’s tweet, which read, “Learn why election experts say elections in the US are safe and secure.” Because the tweet was slapped with a “Misleading” label, Twitter users were unable to reply, retweet, or like the tweet. Only quote-tweeted versions were permitted.

When users clicked on the “Learn why” link, Twitter explained that voter fraud in US elections is “rare” according to The Associated Press, Reuters, and “election experts.” It claimed that mail-in ballots “include ‘built-in checks’ to ensure security and reliability, fact-checkers report.”

But Jesse Kelly’s tweet didn’t say anything about mail-in ballots. His tweet was a response to some states that have already said it may take days, if not more than a week, to count the ballots.

In short, Twitter was fact-checking something Kelly didn’t assert.

Elon Musk might have taken over Twitter, but clearly whatever algorithm is responsible for generating the warning labels on election-related tweets is still alive and hard at work.

Two weeks ago, Just the News reporter John Solomon posted on Twitter a link to an interview he had with the whistleblower who alleged ballot harvesting was taking place in Florida. And because Twitter closely protects Democrat voter fraud efforts, it slapped a warning label on the post the following day.

The supposed “offending” article was an on-the-record report co-written by John Solomon that detailed the Democrat whistleblower’s complaint alleging a long-running and widespread ballot-harvesting operation in Florida.

Last Saturday, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted the Just the News report on the warning label getting slapped on its article, tagging both Twitter and its new owner, Elon Musk. Fitton wrote that Twitter’s election censorship has returned and demanded that Musk “immediately examine” whether the company was “interfering in the election on behalf of the Left,” to which Musk replied, “I will look into this. Twitter should be even-handed, favoring neither side.”

By last Monday, the warning label had been removed from the Just the News article. However, the warning label on Jesse Kelly’s tweet remains.