They’re Trying To Strip Rudy Giuliani Of His Legal License

Those who support former President Donald Trump and his claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent are being retaliated against as states work to disbar his attorneys. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and attorney for Trump, is facing disbarment after the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility Ad Hoc Hearing Committee recommended he lose his license to practice law, according to Mediaite

The report reads that Giuliani violated Pennsylvanian law when he tried to alter the result of the election allegedly without any factual grounds to do so. The report then went on to repeat the Democratic talking point about Giuliani’s challenge being a threat to democracy and claimed that he tried to disenfranchise voters. 

On behalf of his client, Giuliani’s advisor, Ted Goodman, responded to the report. He called the demand for disbarment persecution. He said that the measure was part of a larger push to deny the former president counsel. Goodman then urged the DC Bar Association to speak up on behalf of Giuliani. 

The news comes as Lin Wood, another supporter and attorney pursuing Trump’s claims of fraud, agreed to resign instead of being disbarred by the state of Georgia. Wood gave up his license on July 4 and announced his decision to his fans on Telegram. 

Wood was sanctioned in August 2021, along with Sidney Powell, for challenging the 2020 election results. District Judge Linda Parker claimed that the lawsuits brought by them were “frivolous” and said that they should have investigated their claims thoroughly. Parker again reiterated the talking point about democracy, suggesting that challenging an election undermines it. 

To avoid disciplinary action, Wood put in a request to retire immediately, but conceded that the move was “unqualified.”