These Threatening Posters Are Popping Up Targeting Freedom Protesters

( After GiveSendGo was hacked and the Freedom Convoy donors’ personal information stolen, in addition to reporters harassing these donors, some vicious, hateful person decided to print up a list of area donors and tack them to telephone poles to “out” them to their neighbors.

And a lot of the same people who believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she claims Tucker Carlson is putting a target on her back and inciting violence against her cheered the move.

For all their screeching about fascists, the Left always takes to fascism like fish to water.

Their idea of protecting “democracy” is to turn into the East German Stasi.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people who share the personal information stolen from this hack are facing no consequences whatsoever. Their accounts aren’t being suspended and the tweets remain active while Twitter turns a blind eye.

When the New York Post broke the explosive story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2021, Twitter locked the Post’s account and barred users from sharing the link to the article.

At the time, Twitter claimed that it would not allow the Hunter Laptop story on its platform because of its policy banning the distribution of information obtained through hacking.

The New York Post story was not obtained through hacking. But Twitter used its policy on hacking to lock the story down anyway.

The donor information from GiveSendGo was absolutely hacked. And yet, Twitter did nothing to stop its platform from being used to distribute that information.

The donor list hacked from GiveSendGo provides full names, zip codes, email addresses, and IP addresses. Sharing the information not only violated Twitter’s ban on hacked material; it also violated Twitter’s policy on doxing.

And Twitter still took no action.

The Left will not hesitate to target, harass, and intimidate those with whom they politically disagree. There is no such thing as “tolerance” or “diversity” for these people.