These Navy SEALs Think They Can Kick Nancy Pelosi Out Of Power

( Six former Navy SEALs are running for Congress this year, and they recently released a joint campaign ad featuring their unifying goal: to defeat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The six congressional candidates are former SEALs Morgan Luttrell who is running in Texas’ 8th congressional district, Florida’s 7th district candidate Brady Duke, Eli Crane in Arizona’s 2nd district, Derrick Van Orden in Wisconsin’s 3rd, Ed Thelander in Maine’s 1st district, and Ryan Zinke in Montana’s 1st district.

The ad was produced by the political action committee SEAL PAC, which was formed by the six candidates.

The ad features images of each of the six men from their time in the Navy SEALs as a voice-over describes how they swore an oath to protect the country from enemies all over the world and now they have “one grave threat to defeat.”

Then the “grave threat” appears on the screen: Nancy Pelosi.

Watch the ad HERE.