The View Host Takes Hard Line On Israel Situation

Ana Navarro strongly criticized those who called for restraint from Israel following the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas, which she described as ‘savage’ and ‘cruel.’ These attacks have resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of lives.

During a recent episode of ‘The View,’ the hosts discussed President Joe Biden’s speech condemning Hamas’s ‘brutal’ attacks and expressing unwavering support for Israel.

Navarro emphasized the significance of the President’s statements, but also pointed out a critical omission. She highlighted that there has often been international pressure on Israel to exercise restraint in previous regional conflicts.

However, in the face of the recent attacks, which she characterized as ‘savage,’ ‘inhumane,’ and ‘cruel,’ no such calls for restraint were made, given the high number of casualties among Israeli citizens.”

The CNN contributor cautioned that there may be further violence but emphasized that Hamas bears the responsibility for the situation, stating, “Hamas is the party ultimately accountable for the developments in Gaza. They are exerting control over Gaza.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin acknowledged people’s frustration but noted that the people of Gaza did not elect the current Hamas leadership.

Hamas won the legislative election in 2006 and has governed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since then.

During the discussion, co-hosts Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro expressed that Hamas should face significant consequences for their actions against the Israeli people.

However, Sunny Hostin seemed to doubt the legitimacy of Hamas’ designation as an extremist group. She also suggested that Israel’s military response to the recent events might potentially involve war crimes.

Following Behar’s statement that “You cannot negotiate with people who want to kill you, so that’s what’s going on now,” Hostin added her perspective, saying, “I approach this from a legal standpoint, and it’s worth noting that Hamas, like various other organizations globally, has received the designation of a terrorist organization, much like the designation given to groups like the Proud Boys here in the United States.”
Hostin continued, arguing that a collective retaliation against a population also violating international human rights law raises concerns.

However, the rest of the panel disagreed, pointing out that Hamas often uses its own people as “human shields” while the Israelis make efforts to warn civilians to evacuate. Behar added, “Hamas has not taken similar precautions.”

Navarro interjected, emphasizing, “Sunny, the fundamental issue is that Hamas governs Gaza, and the people there are under the control of Hamas.”