“The Office” Star Changes Name To Promote Leftist Policies

(FreedomBeacon.com)- “The Office” star Rainn Wilson, known by his character name as Dwight Schrute, changed his social media name to bring climate change awareness to the world and global leaders, according to Western Journal. Wilson believes that changing one’s name to something silly, but informative, will help bring attention to the amount of ice melting in the Arctic, which the actor believes is negatively affecting everyone on Earth.

Kicking off the new trend, Wilson changed his name to “Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson.” He claimed that this Arctic issue is not making a name for itself so a name needs to be made for it, arguing that if enough people do this on social media, then world leaders at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP27, will take action.


In a video posted to Twitter explaining what he called a “cheap little stunt,” Wilson explained that being a “name changer” is being a “game changer.” But the Hollywood elitist was unable to change his name on Twitter as a result of Musk’s new policies prohibiting name changes to deal with impersonations on the platform.

COP27 is where world leaders reportedly gather to discuss the existential threat climate change poses to the world. The leaders who flew to Egypt this year for the conference were reportedly slammed by activists as they showed up in their fuel-guzzling private jets. Prominent activist group “Extinction Rebellion” protested by blocking the terminal at London Luton Airport.

The group tweeted that private jets are 50 times more pollutant than trains. An attached picture shows signs that read, “Ban Private Jets” and “Tax Frequent Fliers.”


The climate change activism pushed by Hollywood elites is reportedly getting old and beginning to hurt others, according to the outlet. American farmers are allegedly squaring off with the federal government amid new mandates that are intended to curb climate change.

The SEC proposed that agribusinesses and food companies report greenhouse gas emissions at every level of their business, which small-scale farmers say they cannot do because they lack the resources.