“The Office” Actor RETURNS – Fans Can’t Believe The Transformation

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Daily Caller writer Kay Smythe finally got around to watching the Hulu series “The Patient,” a thriller starring Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson, and last week, she reviewed it.

The mini-series, which premiered on Hulu in August, is about a serial killer (played by Gleeson) who kidnaps his therapist (Carell) in hopes that the therapist can “cure” him of his compulsions. He keeps the therapist chained to a bed where the therapist tries to find a way to keep from becoming one of the killer’s victims while trying to find any opportunity to escape or convince the killer to let him go.

“The Patient” was created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, the team that also created the series “The Americans.”

According to Kay Smythe, who finally got around to watching it, Steve Carell, most famous for the comedy series “The Office,” has starred in a mixed bag of winners and duds since then. But “The Patient” is definitely one of his winners.

Smythe said each twenty-minute episode was “scripted perfectly” and nothing was out of place. She said at times it would have you laughing but for the most part, she found herself holding her breath.

Smythe said when she first saw the mini-series advertised on Hulu when it first came out, the trailer was “fine” but “it didn’t draw me in.” Nor did she see any rave reviews for the series.

But after taking two days last week to watch it, Smythe said “The Patient” is “extra superb” and everybody should see it.

Everybody who has Hulu anyway.

She concluded her review by describing “The Patient” as a “brilliant reimagining of the modern-day thriller” that would likely win awards.