The New LGBTQ Flag Now Has Ukraine’s Colors Too

( The organizers for Dublin’s Pride parade added the colors from the Ukrainian flag to the Pride flag.

Why? Who knows?

Ireland as a nation has remained neutral on the current conflict in Ukraine. But that hasn’t prevented local and national government officials from expressing support for Ukraine. The city of Dublin has been displaying the Ukrainian flag throughout the city throughout the conflict.

The official website for Dublin’s LGBTQ+ Pride unveiled its special version of the Pride Flag for this year’s “March & Pride” event that has the latest version of the Pride flag overlaid onto a blue and yellow background.

No explanation was provided for the decision to blend the two virtue-signaling flags together. Then again, maybe Dublin’s LGBTQ+ Pride felt no explanation was necessary.

While Ireland has remained neutral in the Russia/Ukraine conflict, that hasn’t stopped the country from already taking in over 33,000 migrants from the region while promising to take hundreds of thousands more.

Hermann Kelly, the president of the Irish Freedom Party, a “Eurosceptic” right-wing group, called this melding of the PRIDE flag with the Ukraine flag a depiction of “the new Ireland” that Irish leaders Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin want to “forge into existence and represent.”

Kelly blasted the Irish government for its “Ukrainians first and Paddy Last” policies, telling Breitbart Europe that the country has destroyed tourism by filling the hotels with people claiming to be Ukrainian refugees.

According to local conservative reporter Ciaran Brennan, the “Irish elites” are more concerned “with placating foreign investors and the asylum industry” than they are solving “existential issues” like housing and migration.

Brennan said Dublin displays more Ukrainian flags than Irish flags, adding that the war in Ukraine was “the final nail in the coffin to Irish neutrality” and the arrival of another 200,000 migrants “a kick in the teeth to those struggling to get on the housing market.”