The CCP Just Confirmed Our Worst Fears Regarding Climate Change

( The leaders of the “climate change” bandwagon don’t believe the story they’re peddling, and you don’t need to be a climate scientist to recognize this.

They don’t only go across the world in luxury jets to lecture you about your automobile and hamburgers, though.

If the ruling class truly believed that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from humans are “pollution” that is causing a “climate crisis,” they would be acting in complete opposition to what they are now doing.

Examining communist China’s climate policy demonstrates the argument.

Consider the Paris Agreement of the United Nations. The global agreement, reached at COP21 in Paris in 2015, calls on national governments to make their commitments about the measures they impose on their citizens to address the so-called “climate catastrophe.”

According to the agreement, the Obama administration unilaterally vowed to reduce CO2 emissions in the US by more than 25% by 2025. To avoid involving Congress, it was to be imposed on Americans by executive orders and federal rules. Other Western nations made similar pledges.

Contrarily, the Chinese communist leadership only promised to keep raising its emissions for the next 15 years while releasing significantly more CO2 than the United States and already more than the Western world combined. Seriously.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pledged “to achieve the peaking of carbon dioxide emissions around 2030” in its submission to the U.N.

The dictatorship triumphantly declared to the world that its CO2 output would increase for at least 15 more years, after which nobody would even remember the Paris Agreement commitments.

Nobody will remember the CCP’s pledges by 2030, which is fortunate for them because almost every analyst who has looked at the regime’s construction spree of coal-fired power plants has agreed that there is no chance emissions can “peak” by 2030. History has proven that communist promises have never been worth the paper they were written on.

However, the CCP wasn’t joking when it said that its emissions would rise: Beijing is now bringing up more coal-fired power facilities than the United States will have altogether between now and 2025.

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