The Billionaire Who Gave Jeffrey Epstein His Money And Power Revealed

( Jeffrey Epstein was in the news yet again last week thanks to a new documentary on the streaming service Paramount+ called “Victoria Secret: Angels and Demons.”

Dead for three years, but still not forgotten in the tabloid press.

According to the documentary, former Victoria’s Secret Direct CEO, Cindy Fedus-Fields claimed that thirty years ago, she was told about a man in New York claiming to be a recruiter for Victoria’s Secret models.

When Fedus-Fields asked who the guy was, she was told it was Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was close friends with Victoria’s Secret founder Les Wexner and allegedly used their friendship as a way to meet aspiring young models.

In the documentary, Fedus-Fields said she asked that Les Wexner “be called directly” about Epstein pretending to be a Victoria’s Secret recruiter and Wexner said he would put a stop to it.

Alicia Arden, one of the Victoria’s Secret models interviewed in the documentary said she met Epstein at a hotel in Santa Monica in 1997 after he told her he worked for Victoria’s Secret. But during the meeting, Arden alleges, Epstein asked her to strip down to her underwear then he began touching her backside before handing her $100.

Arden said she filed a police report after the incident, but nothing happened.

Another Victoria’s Secret model, Frederique van der Wal, claimed in the documentary that she had been surprised when other models said they were told to audition for Epstein because he used his connections to Victoria’s Secret as a “calling card.”

In 2004, French modeling agency chief Jean-Luc Brunel borrowed $1 million from Jeffrey Epstein to set up a New York office called MC2 Model Management.

According to anti-trafficking advocate Conchita Sarnoff, Brunel would get visas for the girls to come to New York where they were then put up in an apartment owned by Jeffrey Epstein. Sarnoff said this allowed the late billionaire to bring girls into the United States legally “under the guise of modeling.”