The Biden Family Scheme Is Falling Apart

( If the Delaware grand jury examining Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings performs
its job, honestly, investigations will undoubtedly lead to his father, Joe Biden, the current
President of the United States. And some people seem to think it already has.
But is justice just wishful thinking, considering how other scandalous Democrats seem
to be getting away with a lot?

Despite White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s astonishing assertion last week that the President is convinced his son has done nothing illegal and that the investigation has nothing to do with Joe Biden. Publicly accessible materials contradict this.
It’s not just Hunter Biden’s emails, texts, and voice recordings on his abandoned laptop that link his father, who was Vice President, to the family’s worldly schemes.
In addition, there is the FBI’s six-hour interview with Tony Bobulinski, who was Hunter’s ex-business partner. Bobulinski has publicly identified Joe Biden as the “Big Guy” mentioned in emails, whose 10% stake in a joint venture with Chinese energy giant CEFC was held by Hunter for Joe.
It is believed that Bobulinski has not yet been called to testify before the grand jury. If he is not, it would be problematic.
White House officials insist, and the President stands by the pre-election claim that his son Hunter never received money from China. President Biden continues to deny knowing anything about his son’s foreign business transactions.

That is preposterous.
There is documentation from the Treasury Department given by Republican Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley and bank statements from Hunter’s laptop that reveal millions of dollars paid from Chinese-owned CEFC to Hunter and his business associates.
Joe Biden met Hunter’s international business associates on many occasions when he was Vice President, according to information from Bobulinski and from Hunter’s laptop.
Laptop evidence even shows Hunter, and his father blended funds and shared bank accounts. Hunter paid some of Joe’s household obligations, including monthly phone bills and renovations to a Delaware home. So, to say that Joe Biden had no discussions with Hunter about his finances and his businesses is a lie.
No matter how hard the Democrat party tries to deny the Biden family scandals and the shaky economy, the public has already been made aware. Mid-term elections are coming, and voters will have their say.