Texas Officials Plan to Demolish Tina Knowle’s Run-Down Beach Home

The beach house owned by singer Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles still has not been repaired since it was damaged by a hurricane nearly 16 years ago, and now officials in Galveston want the property demolished.

Last week a “Notice of Violation” was posted at the property, valued at $1.4 million, stating that the beach house suffered from “deterioration, decay, and erosion” that made it “unsafe.”

Knowles was given notice to either apply for a permit to repair the property within ten days or a court would take corrective action.

Galveston City Councilwoman Marie Robb told a local news outlet that Knowles’ beach house had long been an issue and has remained in disrepair since it was damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Robb, who also lives in the neighborhood, said the city was moving forward with an order to demolish the property.

Residents described the beach house as an “eyesore” while Councilwoman Robb called it a health and safety issue. She explained that the city was afraid that the house “may fall into the sea.”

Robb said Knowles was offered a buyout of roughly $450,000 but “chose not to take it.”

The residents, who once enjoyed saying that Beyonce’s mother was a neighbor, have now grown frustrated over how long this has dragged on.

Robb said the city decided to move forward with demolition because there was concern that the deck and a large portion of the house could collapse. She added that Knowles had been given “more than ample time” to respond to requests for the property to be repaired.

According to Robb, the Texas General Land Office has offered Knowles $150,000 to move the beach house, but time was running out.

Robb said the demolition order could be issued within 60 days, so Knowles doesn’t have much time to decide what to do with the property.