Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden Admin’s LGBTQ Protections 

Judge writing on paper with gavel on wooden table indoors

The United States is engulfed in a serious cold cultural conflict and has been over the last several decades. Indeed, in nearly every aspect of American public life, in the realms of entertainment, cinema, sports and athletics, clothing, food, and everywhere else in between, politics has infused the general messaging and climate in these industries. It appears increasingly apparent that no matter where individuals may turn, politics may be discovered, and that there is simply no escaping the contentious and sometimes disheartening political realities that exist in the union at the present state. Many diverse topics have been discussed over the last several years, and conservatives and progressives have hotly battled each other for dominance in the political and social arenas. This month is “Pride” month, with LGBTQ groups and transgender activists making the calendar month of June a major celebration for these people and using it as an opportunity to promote controversial ideologies in the mainstream. Corporations like Target and others have promoted this month and sold rainbow themed clothing.

The LGBTQ movement has not been limited to only the consumerist sphere, though. In many progressively controlled states, controversial new academic and educational curriculums have been implemented in public schools. In New Jersey, parents are up in arms and many school districts are suing the state after the Democrat controlled legislature and Governor Phil Murphy implemented new gender-ideology and family/health education requirements that mandated the teaching of gender identity topics for students as young as kindergarten. Additionally, state guidelines recommended that school faculty members hide the gender identity of students from parents (if a student arrived at school and wished to be called a name other than one legally given at birth or identify with a differing gender than one biologically assigned). 

There is hope for conservatives, though. In Texas, a federal court ruled against Joe Biden’s title IX revisions, claiming the administration utilized it to promote extreme ideologies.