Texas Attorney General Becomes Target Of Radical Left

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Ken Paxton, the attorney general for Texas, could be facing serious backlash for an alleged bribery scheme he was part of.

Four whistleblowers filed a lawsuit that claimed that Austin worked with Nate Paul, a real estate developer, to remodel his house. He also allegedly employed a woman who once had an affair with Paxton.

In return for doing so, the whistleblowers have claimed that Paxton used the powers of his office to advance the business interests of Paul, as well as investigate Paul’s competitors and help him settle one lawsuit against him.

The lawsuit also explains in more detail what the whistleblowers believe were Paxton’s motivations, which they’ve described as a “bizarre, obsessive use of power.

In late 2020, Paxton fire a few of his senior aides who had accused him of accepting bribes.

An amended petition in the case reads:

“Some of Paxton’s actions directing the [Office of the Attorney General] to benefit Paul were criminal without regard to motive. Others were so egregious and so contrary to appropriate use of his office, that they could only have been prompted by illicit motives such as a desire to repay debts, pay hush money or reciprocate favors extended by Paul.”

Four of those aides who were fired last November decided to move forward by suing Paxton. Those four people — Ryan Vassar, James Brickman, J. Mark Penley and David Maxwell — all claim they were fired in a retaliatory way since they reported the attorney general’s behavior to law enforcement agencies at the state and federal level.

Those four people told authorities they believed the attorney general to help Paul, who is not only a friend of Paxton’s but also has donated to his political campaigns. In 2018, Paul reportedly donated $25,000 to Paxton’s re-election campaign.

The FBI is reportedly investigating the situation. The Associated Press has reported that home renovations for Paxton are included in the investigation. The AP reported that a contractor in Austin, Texas, had recently been summoned to testify before a grand jury and also provide records related to that work that happened at the home of Paxton.

Previously, Paxton has summarily dismissed the plaintiffs as “rogue employees” who have wielded “false allegations” against him.

A political spokesperson representing Paxton, Ian Prior, released a statement to the Texas Tribune last week that said:

“Any accusations that the Attorney General acted contrary to the law are completely false and they will be proven false in court.”

The filing alleges that:

“What is known paints a picture of personal, reputational, and financial ties to Mr. Paul that almost certainly explain why Paxton, acting in the scope of his official duties, abused his office and brought the power, resources and personnel of OAG to bear in outlandish ways to personally benefit Mr. Paul and to benefit Paxton himself.”

The lawsuit, though, doesn’t fully explain any details regarding the allegations the plaintiffs are making. It seems that this may be just another attempt by the left to attack a conservative attorney general.