Texas AG Wins Temporary Block of Border Barrier Removal

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton initiated legal proceedings against the Biden administration for dismantling border security measures established by Texas.

On October 27, he requested that the court issue a temporary restraining order to halt the administration’s actions of removing border barriers and severing barbed wire, which he claims are aimed at facilitating the unauthorized entry of individuals across the border. Paxton’s goal is to have the court intervene to prevent further border openings by the Biden administration.
On the following Monday, District Judge Alia Moses approved a temporary restraining order to stop the Biden administration from continuing to take down these barriers.

Attorney General Ken Paxton successfully obtained an emergency restraining order after there were reports of federal agents dismantling barrier fences, actions that appeared to be aiding the entry of individuals in the vicinity of the Texas-Mexico border. Texas initiated the lawsuit on Tuesday, October 24, against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Secretary Mayorkas, and other federal entities following multiple recorded instances of barrier destruction amidst a significant increase in immigration.

These incidents reportedly involved agents cutting through fencing to create openings and allegedly assisting individuals in their entry by other means, including facilitating their ascent from the riverbank into the U.S. using ropes attached to vehicles.

By Friday, October 27, the efforts to dismantle Texas’s border barriers had intensified, with agents seen using heavy machinery like forklifts to displace large sections of fencing, presumably to allow for the mass crossing of the border. In immediate response, Attorney General Paxton filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order.

Reportedly, within just thirty minutes of the motion being filed, the administration’s agents intensified their dismantling efforts, as captured in videos showing a forklift striking the fencing into the ground.

Following this, Texas submitted additional evidence on Saturday, and the court granted the motion for a temporary restraining order on the next business day, Monday, October 30. The federal court has scheduled a hearing for November 7, 2023, to consider Texas’s request for a preliminary injunction to prevent federal agents from damaging, destroying, cutting, or otherwise tampering with Texas’s concertina wire fence.

Attorney General Paxton has made strong accusations against the federal government, asserting a willful disregard for the state of Texas, its citizens, and the rule of law foundational to the United States. He is confident that his prompt action and vigilant oversight have led to securing a restraining order and believes in a favorable outcome as proceedings continue.

The commentary reflects a deep concern over current affairs, suggesting that the nation is in a metaphorically abusive relationship with its government, especially concerning border security. This perspective characterizes the situation as politically and culturally charged, with significant national security and policy implications.