Tesla Cyber Truck Turns Rogue, Smashes Into Neighbors Home

Tesla’s recent advancements in the world of technology have been proven to be revolutionary. Most notably, the self-driving Tesla car has changed the future of driving forever. Tesla is also known for their Starlink satellite system, as well as their Nueralink system that can now be implanted into humans. Recently, Tesla has been shaking the industry once again following the release of their new Cybertruck. The Cybertruck looks like something out of a futuristic Mad Max film with its sleek and minimalistic design. Recently, a Cybertruck was caught on video going “rogue”, and driving downhill by itself where it ultimately wound up crashing and being destroyed. 

Home surveillance footage from a new Cybertruck owner captured his new vehicle being totaled within a matter of seconds. The New York Post reported that the owner of the Cybertruck had just purchased the vehicle hours before. Once home, the vehicle began moving on its own and wound up crashing into the neighbor’s home next door. The surveillance footage of the accident was posted to social media platforms by the owner, who goes by Cobra 1 online. The owner of the Cybertruck had been on a five-year waitlist for the vehicle, which cost $109,000 in total. 

The cause of the accident was ruled out to be a mechanical failure that caused the rear wheels of the truck to lock up, which is a known issue with Tesla that has forced the company to recall 4,000 Cybertrucks in April, as well as recalls for faulty accelerators. The footage shows the truck slowly rolling downhill out of the owner’s driveway before picking up speed. The vehicle then wound up crashing into a neighbor’s house and even colliding with their car. The damage to the truck resulted in a cracked windshield, a crushed hood, and a totaled bumper. The damages to the Cybertruck came out to nearly $30,000, with a year’s wait on parts.