Tennessee Republican Announces Possible Ousting Of McCarthy

If House Speaker Kevin McCarthy makes a deal with Democrats to avoid a shutdown, Rep. Tim Burchett is considering endorsing an effort to remove McCarthy from his speakership.

After being questioned by CNN’s State of the Union host Dana Bash if he would support ousting McCarthy as speaker, Burchett (R-Tenn.) stated that it’s something to look at if they did away with the duty they said they would do.

Burchett’s remarks come as Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has used the shutdown to push for McCarthy’s ouster as speaker. In general, Republicans have been critical of McCarthy, saying that he has failed to stabilize the situation and lead his majority party in the House.

Due to Republican infighting with staunch fiscal conservatives who have vowed to protest any interim measure, the House failed to adopt legislation to finance the government last week. McCarthy plans to deliver an opening bid for the Republican Party to the Democratic Senate while also containing a potential insurrection from his party’s far right.

On Tuesday, Republicans will vote on whether to proceed with debate on four government spending bills: the Defense, State, Homeland Security, and Agriculture bills.

Burchett said if they are not careful, they will rule over a debris pile. The financial ship we are all on is going down. He said all of these C.R.s and omnibus bills with fancy names are confusing the American people, and the public must understand what is happening. He said the curtain had lifted, and they had work to do.

“We need to get back to Washington and deal with it,” Burchett said. But, he said, they sent them home.

During an appearance with CNN last week, Burchett indirectly compared The Republican Speaker and another Californian– former Speaker Pelosi.

He spoke out against the San Francisco Democrat, saying, “I don’t agree with her ever, seldom on anything.” On the other hand, she achieved a fair amount of success.