Teenager Couple Killed Within Days of Each Other in Crash at Same Spot

A 19-year-old woman from Alabama died in a vehicle crash while being chased by the authorities. Local law enforcement officers confirmed the tragedy, saying it happened at the exact location where her lover had died a few days previously.

The young life of Jennifer L. Arellano-Maldonado was cruelly cut short in a car accident that occurred early on Sunday morning. As she tried to evade the authorities, she lost control of her 2019 BMW X5; she crashed, and the vehicle caught fire close to the Riverside Baptist Church.

Her boyfriend, Anthony Banks Jr., died in a horrific vehicle accident a few days prior. Approximately one and a half hours after the sun came up on Thursday, he lost control of his vehicle, sending it careening into a neighboring church, which ignited the structure.

The Pell City Fire Department and Riverside Fire & Rescue were both dispatched to battle the blaze.

Both instances are presently under investigation by Alabama Law Enforcement.

Tragically, his girlfriend, Jennifer Arellano-Maldonado, who was 19 years old, died in the same spot three days after he did. She apparently tried to get away from the cops when she slammed into the burnt-out church.

She allegedly attempted to evade a Riverside police officer, as stated by Senior Alabama State Trooper Brandon Bailey.

Arellano-Maldonado was fleeing in her 2019 BMW X5 that had been stolen from a relative’s property when she coincidentally wrecked her car near the burnt-out church.

She crashed into a brick wall, where it burst into flames.

She was declared dead at the scene. She was not wearing a seatbelt at the time.

In loving memory of her son, Banks’ mother has started a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses, saying her beloved son, who had just celebrated his 19th birthday 17 days prior, was involved in a tragic accident that claimed his life, adding that her eyes were welling up as she typed.

Recognizing Riverside Baptist Church’s lengthy history in the tiny community, the Fire Department sent their sympathies to the church and the family of the deceased.