Teenage Boxer Diagnosed With Bone Cancer After Match Injury

Ollie Hercombe, a teen boxer, had a battle cut short after a diagnosis of a rare bone cancer forced the amputation of his limb. 

His right shin fractured while he was sparring in a Birmingham boxing facility. His instructor and sparring partner were taken aback by the injuries, considering there had been no physical contact with his leg. An X-ray revealed that Ollie’s leg snapped due to a malignant growth in his leg.

Hercombe developed a bump on his right shin and experienced intermittent pain in early 2022; the doctor diagnosed it as shin splints. Following his ring injury, he had a difficult decision: have a hazardous and lengthy operation to remove the cancer from his leg, followed by an equally lengthy rehabilitation period, or have his leg amputated above the knee. He felt that he could keep boxing and that the cancer would be less likely to return if he had the amputation.

After receiving assurance that his severed leg would be offered to science for more research into the illness, Ollie went under the knife on May 13. 

To return to the ring, he is now attempting to raise funds for a high-tech prosthetic leg, which will cost £70,000.

Kerry Bolton, Ollie’s mother, said that her son has been an energetic youngster since he was little. As a teen, he ran five miles the day before his leg snapped.

Ollie had a tough time recovering from the operation due to the discomfort and panic episodes, but he eventually started to feel better. He is now considering his options for returning to the ring and fighting.

Based on his findings, Ollie has decided that the Genium X3 from Ottobock is the bionic limb for him. Because it can adjust to his movements, the Genium X3 would let him participate in sports like boxing.