Ted Cruz To Argue Pennsylvania Election Case In Supreme Court

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Once a foe of President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz is stepping up in the fight to defend the Trump presidency and has said he will argue the Pennsylvania election case before the Supreme Court.

Having long put the arguments of the 2016 presidential primary behind them, Senator Cruz and President Donald Trump appear to be teaming up on a lawsuit that is set to be presented to the Supreme Court. On Monday, the Texas senator said that should the Supreme Court choose to hear the case, he will present it to the court in his capacity as a lawyer.

“Because of the importance of the legal issues presented, I’ve publicly urged #SCOTUS to hear the case brought by Congressman Mike Kelly, congressional candidate Sean Parnell & state rep. candidate Wanda Logan challenging the constitutionality of the POTUS election results in PA,” Cruz explained in a tweet.

On Wednesday, new reports also suggested that President Donald Trump has requested Cruz step in on a court case filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas. The case was joined by 17 other Republican states and intervened by President Trump, forming the biggest and strongest case against 2020 election fraud yet. The case is set to go to the Supreme Court, while the Pennsylvania case’s future remains uncertain, and Cruz looks to be stepping in to do the job.

Should the Supreme Court hear the case and agree with the principle that several battleground states implemented unconstitutional voting rules, using COVID-19 and the lockdown as a cover, it could mean the election results in those states become decertified.

If the results are decertified, it could mean special elections held in the states using the traditional election rules, or potentially the simple removal of those states’ presidential electors. Either way, it would likely flip the election and give President Donald Trump a legitimate win in this election.

Is Ted Cruz about to save America?