Ted Cruz Slams NCAA On Transgender Issues

(FreedomBeacon.com)- During a recent Senate hearing, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took NCAA President Mr. Emmert to task for the highly partisan political stand the NCAA has taken by threatening to punish states who bar biological males from competing in women’s sports.

Citing an April NCAA statement expressing its support for “transgender” athletes playing on the team of their gender preference, Cruz pointed out that it never used to be controversial to acknowledge that there are biological differences between boys and girls – especially “when it comes to athletics.”

Cruz argued that biological males have “significant physical advantages” over women both in strength and size. Cruz then concludes by pointing out the obvious: “that’s why we have girls sports and boys sports” in organized athletics.

Cruz then pointed out that the science proves backs up the fact that there are significant physical differences between males and females. As an example, Cruz cited a Manchester University study that showed that male puberty provides a ten to fifty percent physical advantage over girls – especially in activities that require muscle mass and explosive strength.

With that lead-up, Cruz asks Emmert why the NCAA thinks it’s fair to women and girls to expect them to compete against biological males.

In response, Emmert claimed that the NCAA is working hard to avoid politicizing the issue, adding that a decade ago, it adopted a policy that tries to “strike the balance between both an inclusive position” and “fairness.”

Emmert goes on to explain that transgender athletes may only compete in NCAA sports after they’ve been under a doctor’s care for at least a year and have received “testosterone suppression treatments” that have lowered their testosterone levels enough to be “functionally equivalent of a woman.”

Cruz also cited the case in Connecticut where two biological males competing in girl’s track and field are shattering record after record competing against biological females.

Emmert explains that, under the NCAA guidelines, those biological males would probably not be permitted to compete in NCAA championships.

Watch the exchange here: