Ted Cruz Says US Only “One Vote Away” From Losing Rights

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz told Fox News viewers just how close the country is to a dramatic shift in what it means to be American, with Supreme Court decisions in recent years showing that Americans are just one vote away from losing their “fundamental rights.”

Speaking to Mark Levin on his “Life, Liberty, and Levin” show on Sunday, Cruz said that landmark cases have repeatedly been decided in a 5-4 vote – indicating that it really only takes one more vote for America to lose important liberties and rights.

“We’re one vote away on issue after issue after issue from losing our fundamental rights,” he said.

But before you go thinking that the nomination and expected confirmation of extreme-left Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court means the end of American civil liberties – that’s not quite the case.

Jackson will replace left-wing Justice Stephen Breyer, meaning her appointment won’t change the ideological makeup of the court. However, it will instill a left-wing voice on the court for much longer than there would have been had Breyer not resigned.

All it takes now is for President Joe Biden to have the opportunity to appoint another activist judge who would gladly rule in favor of unconstitutional legislation. That’s why Democrats are pushing for the resignation over Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginny Thomas, allegedly being involved with the January 6 riot.

An accusation that is patently false.

“At the end of the day, when you have senators who say they don’t support abolishing the police, when you vote to confirm justices [who] will release violent criminals and endanger our communities, then you are supporting abolishing the police, and repealing the Second Amendment, and taking away our free speech rights, and taking away our religious liberty rights,” Cruz told Levin.

So, what can America do about it?

Importantly, Americans must vote for a Republican president in 2024 who will replace older judges with younger constitutionalist judges.

And we should also pray for the health of every conservative currently on the bench…

Check out the interview here.