Ted Cruz Says Democrats Won Big Because Crazy Base Showed Up

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Senator Ted Cruz asserted on Fox News’ “Hannity” that Democrats performed better than anticipated in the midterm elections because, for the past two years, they have prioritized engaging and energizing a left-wing nutjob base of young voters.

They have governed as left-wing lunatics.

Cruz remarked there was a lesson for Republicans to learn. When Republicans have a majority next year, we damn well better act like it and utilize it to hold the Biden administration accountable. Did Democrats manage to engage the Tik-Tok voter even though some of them could hardly function and one was actually deceased?

Fear not. Someone out there is fighting the left-wing lunatics.


Reports show that a  growing number of parents and parental groups are attending school board meetings to criticize board members for contentious curriculums and put an end to explicit materials and racially inciting courses.

Board members and educators have frequently resisted, asserting their authority as educators to select what students will study in the classroom.

Activists celebrated many victories on this front, while conservative parents and advocates scored multiple victories at school boards nationwide.

According to reports, Moms for Liberty, an organization that seeks to unite parents who are willing to fight those who stand in the way of liberty, reported on its Facebook page throughout the week the “flipping” of multiple school boards with candidates endorsed by the organization.  The effort secured up to four seats on individual school boards.

This year, they endorsed nearly 500 candidates for school board, with 270 on the ballot in 15 states on November 8.

The victories could indicate a tectonic shift in American municipal education policy. Long the domain of left-leaning activists and policymakers, Republicans and conservatives have mostly disregarded local and regional school governance for years in favor of higher levels of politics.

Critics assert that the disproportionate presence of progressive educators in American school systems has slanted the curriculum in favor of radical concepts such as critical race theory, gender ideology, and other left-leaning academic theories. One is the highly controversial “1619 Project,” which seeks to refocus American history primarily on slavery and racism.

According to their website, The 1776 Project PAC intends to fight against the developing catastrophe in our public education system by supporting school board candidates who pledge to reverse any teaching of the 1619 Project or critical race theory in their school districts. They will support any school reform that promotes a patriotic vision of America and its history.