Ted Cruz Mocks Liberal Without Mask, Suggests He Was “Really Good At Holding His Breath”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Super Bowl Sunday was an exercise in hypocrisy from politicians and celebrities alike as the rich, famous, and pretty descended on SoFi stadium in Los Angeles to watch the LA Rams play the Cincinnati Bengals – all without wearing the mandated masks.

Among those going mask-free to the “masks required” Super Bowl was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

This wasn’t the first time Garcetti was caught at SoFi stadium violating the mask mandate.

Just the week before, a maskless Garcetti posed for a photograph with the maskless former NBA star Magic Johnson during the NFC Championship game in LA. After the photo went viral, Garcetti claimed he wore his mask the whole time and only removed it when he posed for the picture. But don’t worry. Garcetti said he held his breath as the picture was being taken.

So when Garcetti was once again spotted maskless at the Super Bowl, Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out the picture and added, “He’s really good at holding his breath.”

Others on social media pointed out that Los Angeles school children wouldn’t be given the same luxury the politicians and celebrities enjoyed at the Super Bowl. Instead, they would be back in school the following day where they would be mandated to wear masks.

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly often says, the people telling us to be afraid of COVID aren’t afraid of COVID.

The COVID hypocrisy has always been baked-in. But with so many states refusing to lift mask mandates in schools, that hypocrisy isn’t just being called out by people on the “right.” Parents of all political stripes are starting to get pretty sick of it as well.