Ted Cruz Doubles Down As Media Comes After Him

According to a report, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is preparing for one of the most costly battles for the Senate in 2020 when he faces an obstacle from Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas) in the general election. 

A close campaign for a seat now controlled by the GOP is what the Democrats are counting on in 2024. Despite his close victory in 2018, Cruz, a 2-term conservative, hopes to prove that his style is the norm and not the exception.

Cruz told a media outlet that he was very confident. The Democrats are outraged and want to spend a hundred million dollars on vicious attack commercials. He said he would keep the campaign on our substantial records and Texas’ future. 

The outlet suggests that Cruz is fortunate because 2018 and this cycle differ. Cruz entered his bid for reelection campaign after his 2016 presidential candidacy and high-profile conflicts with ex-President Trump, which caused him significant problems in Texas.

In 2018, Allred, an ex-NFL player, turned a competitive district blue. But the Texas GOP and Cruz have several options for 2024.

In 2022, Republicans won across the board, led by Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) 11-point reelection win against O’Rourke, and South Texas’ GOP support has also grown.

Republicans claim that the state’s top issues, the border, and economy, give them an issue edge going into 2024.


Paige Hutchinson, Rep. Colin Allred’s (D-TX) campaign manager, claims a tape of Allred saying the Second Amendment would have been better is “highly edited.”

Reports say otherwise.

Allred discusses the Second Amendment and gun regulation in the 12-minute recording.

Last Friday, a report on Allred’s 2018 video, in which he calls efforts to remove the Second Amendment out of touch with reality but argues the US might be better off without it.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) opponent, Allred, is heard on a tape released by GOP lawmakers in 2018 arguing that Congress may regulate firearms as much as they want.