Teacher Who Made Children Act Like Slaves Put On Leave 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A movie made by a teacher during Black History Month portrays three white middle school kids playing the role of servants to three black pupils. White students take off the black pupils’ coats, feed them, and even bend down to them on the floor.  

The Florida middle school teacher is no longer in the classroom, pending an investigation, after he filmed a performance in which white students were subservient to black students in a show of political theater. 

Howard Middle School in Orlando has put English teacher Ethan Hooper on administrative leave after he produced several politically incendiary films featuring his children, using them as props for his own political point of view. 

This video is one of several political skits that Hooper has made. In another, he pokes fun at Governor Ron DeSantis’s recent order that pornographic, violent, and other inappropriate books be removed from classroom libraries. Hooper is shown in the video going up to children one by one and informing them they are not allowed to read a selection of books, including Harry Potter, Holes, and others. 

Hooper wears a shirt that reads “black teachers matter” and tells a row of children that they are not allowed to read the dictionary in another film that also mocks state regulation.  

Another clip shows a group of youngsters in what seems like a simulated detention. Hooper has his pupils chant “I will not read books,” “books are wicked,” and “if I read, it’s allowed by the feds,” until he finds one of them reading a book in a hidden chamber. 

Maria Vazquez, the superintendent of Orange County schools, released a statement in which she strongly criticized Hooper’s conduct, saying, she is outraged by the judgment of the teacher who shared the improper films using his pupils as political props.” 

She said this is not “free speech.” She said  it is the exploitation of children for political aims, and this will not be permitted in our educational system. 

The district’s media manager, Michael Ollendorf, has made it clear that any staff who uses children in any way to generate films or other material for political objectives would be removed from the classroom, put on administrative leave, and swift action will be taken to terminate employment.