Teacher Given Probation After ‘Kill List’ Is Revealed

On Monday, it was reported that a former fifth-grade teacher who told police she had a “kill list” of children and faculty was sentenced to probation.

Following a student’s complaint of a “kill list” at St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, Indiana, Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, 25, was arrested and charged with criminal intimidation.

After a student voiced concern about Ms. Carrasquillo’s safety and a list was overheard by a school counselor, parents were informed that Carrasquillo-Torres was removed from the campus.

A pupil reported Carrasquillo-Torres to school authorities after hearing her rank him last on her list of people she wanted to kill.

Concerned parents reportedly filed a restraining order against the teacher and called for future mental health screenings of all school employees after receiving a disturbing notice from the school.

The event prompted the principal to increase school security and provide more counseling services.

After the woman was removed from campus, school authorities did not contact law police for four hours after the alleged threats were reported. The next day, Carrasquillo-Torres was apprehended without incident.

School administrators allegedly informed law enforcement of the identity of a pupil on the list. The whole list of names, however, was not made public.

When questioned by school authorities, According to reports, Carrasquillo-Torres acknowledged having a list but assured them she was kidding.

My mental health is suffering, and there are days when the students aren’t paying attention. Carrasquillo-Torres is said to have told school authorities. When questioned about why she made the list, she said it stemmed from high school trauma.

As part of her plea deal, Carrasquillo-Torres is prohibited from working in a childcare or educational setting during her probation. The court will also ensure that she receives care for her mental health.

The judge placed the former educator on probation for 2.5 years. Carrasquillo-Torres has the option of requesting a reduction of her conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor after the completion of her probation.