Tax Rebate Available For Some Americans

A revised program in Pennsylvania allows tax refunds of up to $1,000 for older persons and those with disabilities. Governor Josh Shapiro announced Tuesday that applications are now being accepted for the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate program.

After Shapiro passed bipartisan legislation into law in 2023, the reimbursement amount was increased from $650 to $1,000 for those who met specified qualifications.

The program will be accessible to an extra 175,000 individuals, according to Shapiro, since the income cap has been raised to $45,000.

The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program has been a savior for older adults, particularly those with limited incomes. Shapiro said his administration rallied bipartisan support to increase the program’s eligibility. Shapiro said when party differences are put aside, “we can accomplish great things for Pennsylvania.”

Regarding the difficulties caused by increasing costs, Shapiro said he has heard firsthand from seniors around the state. He said that no matter where you live in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvanians feel the effects of growing expenditures. He said he campaigned on a commitment to lead the charge to reduce spending and return funds to the people.

According to their income, people who qualify may now get refunds from $380 to $1,000 each year. People with annual incomes below $8,000 are eligible for the maximum amount; some may also be eligible for additional rates.

Extra rates are available to property owners whose taxes amount to more than 15% of their income and whose income is $30,000 or less per year. Additionally, only Scranton, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh residents are eligible for the supplemental rates.

Legislators are considering increasing the size of the federal child tax credit in an attempt to make it available to more low-income families. The plan would enable lower-income families to get a refundable tax credit for every child and progressively raise the credit if passed into law.