Taliban Cheering After Reported CIA Disaster

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Following the end of the 20-year occupation of Afghanistan by the United States, and President Joe Biden’s horrific handling of that historic withdrawal, Jihadist extremists in the Taliban are gloating that no American presence or authority remains in the country. This was seen as Taliban commanders and fighters stood outside what was left of the last CIA base.

Video footage and photographs show how destroyed vehicles, huge piles of ammunition, and knocked-down buildings remain on a site that was once used for sensitive American operations.

Mullah Hasnain, the leader of the Taliban’s Badri 313 unit, said that they let Americans go peaceful and “look what they’ve left behind.”

Really? The Taliban, an organization that kills infidels and Afghans who cooperated with pro-democracy forces, is angry that some buildings were left destroyed and vehicles were purposely disabled as Americans left?

They have some gall.

Newsmax described Hasnain as “thick-bearded” and wearing traditional robes and a turban, and narrated his experience looking over the remaining CIA complex. He said that Americans destroyed everything before they left, and was shocked at the condition of the area as at one time it was one of the most secure regions of Afghanistan.

The commander revealed how the Taliban watched from a distance as CIA officials destroyed their old base. He said that nobody stopped them, and even the last convoy that went by road to the airport were not attacked by the Taliban because they were ordered from the top to refrain – an indication that former President Donald Trump’s agreement was at least being respected by some.

Nonetheless, the Taliban were cheering.

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