Suspicious Vehicle Reportedly Trailed Ballot Dump Van To Detroit

( The Gateway Pundit, the conservative news outlet recently permanently suspended by Twitter for publishing never-before-seen footage of vans arriving and dropping off ballots at the TCF Center in Detroit, just dropped even more footage showing suspicious actions relating to the 2020 presidential election.

The footage that got the outlet banned from Twitter showed a van dropping off ballots at the center where ballots were being counted hours after the deadline. It matched with several instances of sworn witness testimony, prompting left-wing Twitter activists to freak out.

The newest report from The Gateway Pundit expands on that footage, explaining how a suspicious vehicle allegedly followed the white van.

“A black Hyundai Elantra also drove into the TCF Center in the early morning of November 5th,” the outlet reports.

“The Gateway Pundit was able to identify the vehicle. It was registered in Pennsylvania and then registered in Michigan in October. The car had a new title but they kept the old Pennsylvania plates on the car. We believe the vehicle is registered to Enterprise rent-a-car,” the added.

The Gateway Pundit expands on the story, describing how the footage proves that Chris Thomas, a Detroit city official who swore that there was only one late-night ballot drop of 41 boxes at the TCF Center, wasn’t telling the truth.

“We also have proof that over 60 boxes of ballots were unloaded at the arena in just the first ballot dump,” the outlet said.

According to the video footage obtained by the outlet, a white van registered to the city of Detroit enters the TCF Center at 3:23 AM. At 3:25 AM, video footage from a second came shows three individuals taking 50 boxes of ballots into a hallway and outside of the counting room.

The ballots were then seen being wheeled away on carts into the counting room, and the van is seen leaving the TCF Center roughly 25 minutes later.

The van then allegedly returns an hour later, once again entering the TCF Center and unloading more boxes of ballots. According to the footage, the van was escorted by the black sports vehicle and allowed through an electronic gate into the complex.

Why is nobody talking about this?