Susan Collins Calls Police Over Act of Vandalism

( There have been many instances of threats to public officials following the draft majority decision was leaked from the Supreme Court, showing the justices are ready to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case that protects a woman’s right to abortion.

The most recent instance happened to Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins. The Bangor Daily News recently reported that Collins notified police that someone wrote a message in chalk in front of her home.

The message stated that she should vote with liberals in the Senate to codify Roe v. Wade, which would make it law that would be unable to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The message, according to the media outlet, was written by an unknown person or people, and it was a pro-abortion message. It was written on the sidewalk outside of her house, located in Bangor.

According to a police report that was filed, the message read:

“Susie, please, Mainers want WHPA à vote yes, clean up your mess.”

Collins provided a statement to the Daily News, calling the chalking a “defacement of public property.” She further said:

“We are grateful to the Bangor police officers and the city public works employee who responded to the defacement of public property in front of our home.”

While she’s a Republican, Collins is pro-choice. She has voted to uphold a woman’s right to abortion many times in the past, though she voted against the most recent proposal Democrats brought to the Senate floor earlier this week.

Since the leaked draft majority opinion was published, Democrats have been working feverishly to try to codify the Roe v. Wade decision, in anticipation that the high court will overturn the landmark case.

As The New York Times reported recently:

“The [Democrats’] bill, if passed, would protect abortion access nationwide at a moment when it is under imminent threat, with multiple states enacting or proposing strict limits or outright prohibitions. But the legislation is all but certain to be blocked in the Senate on Wednesday, when Democrats fall short of the 60 votes they would need to break a Republican filibuster.”

The Times’ prediction proved true when GOP Senators did, indeed, vote down the Democrats’ proposal.

Liberals have gone as far as suggesting that they should get rid of the Senate filibuster, which currently requires 60 votes to pass a bill. If they did that, they’d have an easier path to passing this bill and more, since they’d just need every Democrat in the Senate to support it.

However, it’s unlikely that the filibuster will be overturned, not just because Republicans like Collins are against doing so, but also because not all Democrats are behind the cause.

So, for now, Democrats will have to go on dealing with the Republican filibuster for as long as liberals still hold control of the upper chamber.

The Supreme Court hasn’t ruled on the issue at hand that could overturn Roe v. Wade. While the draft majority opinion suggests they will do just that, justices can still change their opinion between now and the official ruling.