Survivor Of Maoism Sees Warning Signs In The U.S.

In the 2022 Republican primary, a first-time candidate named Lily Tang Williams took 25% of the vote in New Hampshire.

Williams, who lived during Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China, describes the scary similarities between Mao’s Communist tactics and the Woke Revolution in America.

A native of China, Williams is an unabashed critic of Chinese communism and has stated that her campaign would again focus on parental rights and the defense of American freedoms.

Growing up in China during Mao’s regime, she had never heard of the concept of parental rights. Then, and now, every child in China belongs to the State.

The Chinese government is said to have sacrificed the youth, separating children from their families for a more significant national cause.

Growing up, she was subjected to the whims of central planners and their forced indoctrination. The China Communist Party (CCP) wholly controlled education, including curricula, standards, testing, data collection, secret permanent files, and mandatory vaccinations.

The files kept from parents’ eyes collected and tracked students’ data, including grades, religion, speeches, mental health, behaviors, violations, rewards, punishments, vaccine shots, physical health, family members, parents’ party status, etc.

She explains that their records were transferred to the colleges or employers when they graduated high school and were referred to as “Personnel File.” The user was forbidden to see their record and could not see it. Privacy is still a foreign concept in China. Records were kept on paper, but now they are digital.

Some of the similarities observed include the division of people into oppressed and oppressors, speech censorship, utilization of media for state propaganda, removal of statues, social chaos, renaming of buildings, job deprivation of dissenters, creation of confusion,  promotion of a genderless society, and teaching of children to distrust their parents to align with the state. 

Sounds familiar.