Supreme Court Ruling Led To Stock Market Rally

( The stock market rallied on Friday in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, with all three major Wall Street indexes snapping monthlong losing streaks.

The announcement of the historic decision made by the Supreme Court coincided with a sharp increase in the Dow Jones early on Friday morning. It continued to show strength and ended the day 800 points higher, finishing up with the first week of gains this month. On Friday, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq saw gains roughly equivalent to 3 percent.

The rebound occurred on a day that many Democrats, including the President and Vice President, referred to as a “sad day for the country.”

Following the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, President Joe Biden issued an order instructing the Department of Health and Human Services to take measures to ensure that abortion and contraception medications are available “to the fullest extent possible.”

Additionally, the President’s administration promised to protect the right of individuals traveling to another state to obtain an abortion.

Biden said that the health and lives of women in our nation are now in jeopardy.

He said this ruling is the culmination of a deliberate campaign to disturb the equilibrium of our legal system that has been going on for decades.

It was a “sad day for the court and the country,” according to President Joe Biden, who underlined that this is the first time the Supreme Court has ever overturned a fundamental right, either ignoring or ignorant of the fact that the ruling says explicitly that there is no such right to abortion in the constitution.

“Voters need to make their voices heard,” Biden said, urging voters to elect politicians who would restore the right to abortion at the federal and municipal levels.
Biden said that Roe v. Wade will be on the ballot. Voters will decide the fate of their personal liberties. The right to one’s privacy, liberty, and equality are all up for a vote.

Hiding behind the notion of “privacy” to justify what many believe is a murderous act has always been a thin reed to stand on.

Whatever the case, investors seemed to shrug off the ruling and get back to the business of generating wealth.