Supreme Court Rejects Johnson And Johnson Bid

( This week the Supreme Court denied an appeal from pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to void a huge $2 billion judgment made in favor of a woman who claimed that the company’s talcum powder products gave her ovarian cancer.

The decision, which came as an unsigned order, left the verdict from a Missouri state court intact and means the company is liable to make the massive payment.

The massive $2 billion judgment comes after several women brought lawsuits against the company claiming that various Johnson & Johnson beauty and hygiene products contained carcinogenic chemicals, as well as asbestos and that the known health risks associated with the products were ignored.

In 2020, Johnson & Johnson stopped putting talc in its baby powder product, even though the company still disputes that it causes cancer.

The $2 billion judgment was initially a $4.7 billion suit, so Johnson & Johnson should probably consider themselves lucky. Without the decision from a Missouri appellate court to drop the award to $2 billion for 20 plaintiffs, the payout could have been more than twice as big.

Nonetheless, it’s still a huge sum of money and Johnson & Johnson sought to completely overturn the decision by taking it to the Supreme Court in March of this year.

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito didn’t consider the petition and were recused from the decision, but neither justice confirmed why they did not participate in making the ruling.

The Associated Press speculated, however, that Justice Alito owns up to $50,000 in Johnson & Johnson stock and Justice Kavanaugh’s father previously lobbied against the classification of talc as a cancer-causing product.

Well, at least Johnson & Johnson will make a killing on vaccines.