Supreme Court Caves Over Important Gun Rights Case

( Four justices refused to hear a lawsuit by a group of New York gun dealers challenging new regulations on selling weapons and ammunition. They warned that the state’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) might force their companies to close and asked the High Court to consider avoiding the Second Circuit and stopping its implementation. The Court opted on Wednesday to stay silent without explaining.

“The application for writ of injunction presented to Justice Sotomayor and by her referred to the Court is denied.”

This was the simple one-page order decreed by the Supreme Court regarding New York State’s “carry law.”

The New York state regulations restricting the locations where concealed carry permit owners may exercise their rights were not overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Several “critical sites” are prohibited under the Concealed Carry Improvement Act for permit holders to carry concealed weapons. Both public and private locations are included in the comprehensive list.

There were no opposing views expressed with the ruling.

The state legislature approved the bill after the high court overturned New York’s “proper cause” requirement that a concealed carry permit applicant establish a specific necessity to carry a handgun. A state-operating guns store had petitioned the court to halt the statute’s implementation.

Another requirement of the state statute that the plaintiffs objected to is that gun dealers must “surrender their federal weapons compliance data.”

They claimed that up to this point, no federal, state, or local agency in the nation had tried to seize a federal guns dealer’s federal weapons compliance records.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which had overturned a lower court stay, had not yet issued its decision in the case, the court said, so it refused to reimpose the stay at the beginning of this month. In that case, the court advised the plaintiff to reapply for relief if the Second Circuit failed to do so promptly.