Supreme Court Agrees To New Gas Blend For Car Vehicles

( On Monday, the United States Supreme Court blocked a big from an industry group to revive a policy implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency during the Donald Trump administration that would have allowed the expanded sales of gasoline that had a higher ethanol blend, known as E15.

The decision is a huge blow to the ethanol industry which has been working to increase access to E15 – a fuel alternative that contains less gasoline and, in turn, reduces the nation’s dependence on oil for vehicle fuel. Reports suggest that using E15 fuel could reduce gasoline consumption by as much as 4.4% by 2040 – and by then, electric cars are likely to be significantly more accessible and viable than they are today.

Not to mention, it could reduce fuel costs at a time when prices are rising because of President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis.

Emily Skor, the chief executive of biofuels industry group Growth Energy who filed the petition asking the court to overturn a lower court ruling that blocked the Trump-era policy, said that their organization will “continue to explore all political avenues to make unfettered access to E15 a reality.”

In 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency extended a waiver that allowed E15 to be sold all year round, meaning the fuel could be sold during the summer. However, a lawsuit was filed by an oil refining group that challenged the policy and got it overturned.

Wouldn’t you think that, at a time when the United States is depending more on foreign powers for energy thanks to the policies of Joe Biden, the Supreme Court would rule accordingly?