Sudden Audit Launched Of School Material

( A San Diego community college spokeswoman, told the media that the institution is “looking into” a classroom with a teacher who equated white people to Nazis.

According to images of a whiteboard that was uploaded online on September 1, a staff member at San Diego Mesa College instructed high school students that fascists are associated with whiteness, Christianity, and heterosexuality. According to a high school student who talked with the media, the instructor compared the “modern-day Republican Party” to Nazism.

The Republican Party is now a fascist organization that does not meet the definition of a traditional Democratic party, according to a whiteboard that can be seen in a photograph taken by an unidentified student and published by the Examiner.

Additionally, it appeared that the educator listed a number of words that are equivalent to or connected to the term “fascist,” including “authoritarian,” “Trump,” “heterosexual,”
“white,” “Christian,” and “hate of foreigners/immigrants/minorities.”

The student recalled that the English teacher’s political science lesson also listed whites, Christians, and heterosexuals below the heading “fascist,” denoting these groups fall into that category.
“We were supposed to be learning how to make an argument for an argumentative essay,” the student who took a picture of the whiteboard said. “And the first thing he turns to is that. Then, he just got to the definition of fascism and what he thinks. He put down the Nazi Party and the modern-day Republican Party, which is just ridiculous.”
(Incidentally, many leftist loons think the term “whiteboard” is racist.)

As a part of the California College and Career Access Pathways Program, the English program teamed a Mesa professor with high school students at Madison High School in the San Diego Unified School District. According to the website, the program “allows high school students to be dual enroll in up to 15 community college units per term.”

Mesa College is “looking into the topic further,” its director of communications, Jack Beresford, told the Daily Caller. No further remarks could be made regarding personnel issues, according to Beresford.

According to San Diego Unified School District, administrators have been in touch with Mesa College and the professor who offered the course.