Study Finds Almost Half Of Illegals Have Lengthy Rap Sheet

Enforcement arrests have increased significantly because of the open border policies implemented by the Biden administration.

In fiscal year 2023, ICE reported that the number of arrests had doubled. Nearly half of the 170,590 undocumented immigrants apprehended had prior convictions. On average, each of these illegal immigrants was convicted on four counts; among them, there were more than 33,209 assault charges or convictions, 7,520 weapons offenses, 1,713 crimes involving killing, and 1,615 cases of kidnapping.

Drunk driving and the use of dangerous substances were two of the most common types of criminal charges. In addition to burglary, sexual assault, weapons violations, and assault, undocumented offenders were often apprehended for these crimes last year.

A massive number of detained immigrants were found guilty of various offenses, including theft, robbery, forgery, and property damage, as well as fraud. The authorities include almost a thousand distinct cases of murder, abduction, and other severe threats in the year-end totals.

Under the contentious Parole Plus Alternative to Detention (Parole+ATD) program, which was implemented under the Biden administration, the agency was able to handle a record number of migrants last year, overseeing over 200,000 transfers of illegal immigrants throughout the country. Medical, dental, and mental health treatments were provided to undocumented immigrants incarcerated in facilities around the country by the ICE Health Service Corps, which spent $352 million.

A dreadful 2.48 million foreign nationals entered the United States illegally over the southern border in 2023, according to the ICE data. The number of illegal immigrants encountered by federal authorities in September reached an unprecedented 269,735—a record high for a single month and a significant rise compared to August—marking the final month of the fiscal year. The situation is becoming progressively worse; December had the most significant monthly total ever reported of 302,000 migrant interactions along the southwest border.

President Trump was famously skewered for saying Mexico was “not sending their best.”

Statistics indicate Trump did not deserve the scorn he received for his observation.