Stranger Things’ Star Blasts Hamas Supporters

Noah Schnapp, star of “Stranger Things,” has delivered a strong statement of support for the Israeli victims of the horrible Hamas bombings while also strongly criticizing anyone who tries to rationalize the terrorist assault on innocent citizens.

A Jewish American, the star of a hit Netflix show, posted on Instagram that he is frightened. He worries about his Israeli friends and family being subjected to “senseless attacks by Hamas.” Seeing the horrible deaths of defenseless children, women, and soldiers “breaks his heart.”

Schnapp stated his desire for peace between “both Palestinians and Israelis” and pleaded with all parties involved to “stop the vitriol and taking sides.”

Instead, “we must acknowledge that we are all on the side of the fight against terrorism,” he urged.

Schnapp noted that he posted a photo of an innocent girl Hamas murdered at a music event, and some internet users responded to the heartbreaking post with hate speech.

The Hollywood star said he was greeted with comments saying no one cares; she deserves it; every Israeli terrorist deserves it, Free Palestine.

He is appalled that a young girl’s murder may be rationalized and even celebrated, asking if people have “completely lost their minds.”

He declared that you don’t have to be Jewish or Israeli to realize that THIS is wrong; all you need is compassion and plain sense.

Schnapp criticized social justice activists for always siding with whatever noble cause was in vogue while remaining silent in the face of Hamas’s unparalleled terrorist attack on Israel.

He lamented the “chilling silence” of those “who love to hop on fashionable issues like supporting Ukraine and fighting climate change.” He noted that the Jewish people are watching your silence and remembering it.

Activists for Palestine have been chanting “Gas the Jews” since the Hamas invasion of Israel, as Schnapp pointed out.

Mia Khalifa, a former pornstar of Lebanese and American descent, released a series of messages on social media in which she referred to Hamas terrorists as “freedom fighters.”

Actress Susan Sarandon apparently “reposted some links regarding Israel’s shelling of Gaza and the ‘prison’-like circumstances in the region” in response to the Israel-Hamas war.