Steve Bannon’s Latest Candidate Is On The Verge Of Disrupting American Politics

( In a lengthy article at The Atlantic, writer Elaine Godfrey raised the alarm about a Republican candidate for Secretary of State in Arizona named Mark Finchem.

Finchem, Godfrey explains, is one of the election deniers who “pushed Donald Trump’s stolen-election lies” on “QAnon talk shows” and Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. And now, this conspiracy theorist is leading the polls for Arizona’s Republican primary.

And worse, Godfrey writes, Finchem is just one of many “election-denying candidates” running for office in this year’s midterm elections.

Godfrey quotes an Arizona pollster who said this is the year for “hard right” Republicans to run because Biden is a deeply unpopular president and a first-term president’s party usually loses seats in the midterm election.

Godfrey then warns that if Finchem, “the man who brought the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement to Arizona” wins in November, as Secretary of State, he would be the one responsible for overseeing the state’s elections.

She notes that Finchem was there on January 6 during the “attempted insurrection at the US Capitol.” She points out that Finchem has denied ever getting within 500 yards of the Capitol, however, photos show him standing just outside the east steps during the riot.

As proof that he is a conspiracy nut, Godfrey notes that Finchem has an account on the social media platform Gab and worse, has appeared over 80 times on Steve Bannon’s podcast “to warn of election-fraud bombshells that never seem to actually explode.”

And if Politico’s readers still aren’t thoroughly petrified of Finchem, Godfrey informs them that Steve Bannon credits himself for “Finchem’s rise.”

Godfrey spoke to Bannon who told her “War Room made him a thing.”

In case her readers still aren’t convinced that Mark Finchem is a danger, Godfrey then drops her ace-in-the-hole, namely, Finchem has been endorsed by Donald Trump.

She cites Finchem’s campaign message calling for the decertification of the 2020 election results in Arizona. Finchem also co-sponsored legislation that would allow state lawmakers to reject the results of future elections.

It is clear what the purpose of Godfrey’s article is.

Godfrey, and Politico, want to paint the entire Republican Party as being just as “hard right” and dangerous as Mark Finchem.