Steve Bannon Stunned By Guest Who Says There Was No Fraud

( A recent guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room attempted to persuade everyone listening that there was no Pennsylvania mail-in ballot fraud.

Athan Koutsiouroumbas, a Republican strategist, declared to Bannon that there was no mail-in election fraud in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (and most likely nowhere else in Pennsylvania), and that such fraud was extremely difficult to execute and that Republicans had harmed themselves by not embracing mail-in ballots.

“The first thing you want to check is whether there was any fraud. Steve, I haven’t seen any proof in Delaware County,” Koutsiouroumbas added. “There are two places where mail-in ballot fraud can be carried out. First, you must include your Social Security or driver’s license number when you apply to vote by mail. Currently, voter identification is not required to cast a ballot in person in Pennsylvania, but it is required to cast a ballot by mail. Therefore, you require someone to compile a list, steal a large number of driver’s license numbers, submit an application on behalf of voters, and then finish it. That did not occur.”

“The second way there can be fraud is if there is some sort of judiciary conspiracy to not count the votes. In Delaware County, I haven’t noticed any indication of that. In the end, what the Democrats did was precisely what the Republicans did before the pandemic.”

“Republicans used to be encouraged to cast mail-in ballots through organized campaigns. We did that by mailing applications to everyone and then following up with phone calls.”

Bannon saw right away that the shocking no-fraud assertions did not convince his audience.

“I realize who the audience is,” Bannon said. “Take a deep breath. It’s the beginning of a journey. I’ve got it. Heads are blowing up.”

The audience members assembled in War Room’s chat confronted the host.

Someone wrote, “There’s fraud somewhere.”

Another person remarked, “This guy with Bannon is a fraud.”

“WTF! It’s PsyOp day on Wednesday,” a viewer said.

What Koutsiouroumbas describes is not how one would commit mail-in ballot fraud.

This is.