Steve Bannon Says Liz Cheney Has A Weapon To Rig Elections

( In a 229 to 203 vote last week, the House passed the Presidential Election Reform Act, legislation co-sponsored by outgoing Congresswoman Liz Cheney to “prevent” another 3-hour riot at the Capitol.

The Republicans who joined Cheney in supporting the bill were Tom Rice, Adam Kinzinger, Peter Meijer, Jamie Herrera Butler, Fred Upton, John Katko, Anthony Gonzalez, and Chris Jacobs.

All nine Republicans who voted for this legislation will not be in Congress next year.

The bill would require Congress to count electoral college votes as the Constitution requires, clarifying that the role of the vice president is merely ministerial and the vice president does not have the authority to overturn the electoral vote from any state.

Before the vote, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed that the bill was a “kitchen table issue for families.”

No, it isn’t actually.

But the legislation does much more than simply clarify Congress’ and the vice president’s role in certifying the electoral college vote.

Before the bill passed, podcaster Steve Bannon warned that this legislation would enable Democrats to cheat.

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