Steve Bannon Says FBI Director Christopher Wray Will Be “Prosecuted And Imprisoned”

( Podcaster Steve Bannon predicted over the weekend that FBI Director Chris Wray will face prosecution and imprisonment.

Bannon was reacting to a recent Wall Street Journal report that the FBI conducted 3.4 million warrantless searches in 2021.

Bannon posted a link to a Daily Mail article citing the Journal’s report on Gettr and called the FBI “out of control” and “a danger to a free citizenry.” He declared that the FBI director appointed by former President Trump would be “just one of many criminals in leadership” who would be “prosecuted and imprisoned.”

Sure. Because the System is known for punishing its own.

You know, just like James Comey.

And Andrew McCabe.

Wait. No.

That isn’t to say there aren’t people serving in the government who should face criminal prosecution. It’s just that none of them ever do.

James Clapper lied to Congress under oath. But unlike Roger Stone who went to prison after doing the same thing, Clapper faced no prosecution or imprisonment.

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly often says, the System always takes care of its own.

The most that will happen if a Republican becomes president is Christopher Wray will find himself out of a job.

If Steve Bannon is waiting for a perp walk with Chris Wray getting led away in cuffs, he shouldn’t hold his breath.

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Bannon also predicted that former Attorney General Bill Barr’s memoir would be used in evidence in his trial that is allegedly going to take place after Republicans retake the White House in 2024 even though disagreeing with Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud isn’t a criminal offense.

It is odd that someone who is currently facing politically-motivated retribution disguised as a trial would advocate for politically-motivated retribution disguised as a trial.